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Beavertown are local brewery born out of north London. The inspiration for their beers are big flavour and character in every brew, and they came to us looking to create a festival ready concept that that embraced the creativeness of their brand and could ignite a intangible atmosphere that reflected their character as brewers.


Together we created ‘Beavertown and Friends’ a beer house festival enclosure that was vibrant in colour and supported London based breweries as neighbours at the same time as building a brand awareness. The enclosure featured a large open sided clear marquee, perspex tables presenting tiered canned walls,  and was completed with Beavertown branded keg seating.


The main focal point of this activation was the design concept of the bar. Along the longest wall the clear marquee ran an outspoken back bar, bursting with vibrance and colour. The bar front hosted a horse shoe to place further empathisis on the Beavertown branding.


‘Beavertown and Friends’ launched at Field Day 2019 and swiftly became a central point of the outdoor arena, drawing people in to enjoy a cold pint in a bright, welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

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