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The Printworks London delivers a variety of events spanning from 1500-person live band events, to 5000-person club nights, running from midday until the early hours, helping it become known as one of London’s best and iconic venues


Field Vision have been part of Printworks since March 2018 and were brought in to help streamline and improve the all aspects of bar service as well as reducing costs and increasing sales.


As well as standard service bars the venue also requires bars that deliver cocktails, draught lager as well as more intimate and personal artist, back stage and VIP areas.


Each event requires the operation of up to 12 separate bars across the venue each with their own selection of drinks, service styles and sponsorship requirements as well as ensuring strict licence conditions are adhered to.


Sponsors such as Asahi (Peroni), Beavertown, Smirnoff Vodka, Bulldog Gin and Magners all have a presence that need to be managed and run independently alongside regular bar operations, each bringing key styles that need to be met to ensure brand image is maintained.

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